Tumblr i miss you so much! Im ok but my internet is still crap. I LOVE YOU!

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So i dreamed i was sucking face with stiles at my old school while ed sheeran lectured us on maclemore’s impact on the french revolution. Ok.

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why would i dream about bob from bobs burgers and the new the flash doing it on my old bedroom with a ton of butter? (and, most importantly, why oh why was i bob when things got hot?? dont get me wrong, the new the flash is cute, but bob is a fricking dilf! at least i was also batman on the dream…){email phone and stuff, now back 2 sleep}

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JUST TEEN WOLF(email phone internet being a lil biatch and all that jazz)

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# omfg

You know… I’d say Peter Hale is pretty fly… for a dead guy (internet still being a lil biatch, posting via email from phone cause YOLO) (also i’ve been listening to The Offspring quite a lot lately…)

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Posting via email. My internet is being a lil bitch and i cant get to tumblr dot com. But i’m okay and i miss u all my lil pizzas

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Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

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I had the weirdest dream last night. I was staring in Scream 5 as a pornstar portraying Ghostface on a porn parody of the Stab movies when people related to the movie start dying and Neve Campbell was all like “first of all this is gross and in poor taste and secondly what the fuck” and then i was making out with Stephen Lunsford

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Can you please tag humans? Im a furry and don't like seeing gross people on my dash. Thank you! :3



what the fuck is this

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"Her nails ran over his pale freckled chest, leaving red marks as they turned to claws. “Mine” she growled, burying her hands on the waistband of his jeans. “Yours” Stiles breathed out, speaking for the first time since he stepped into the room. “

Sneak peak of my newest fanfic, my first straight smut! 

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